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Los Angeles, California: Westwood


A confused, older tradtional bungalow becomes a hip contemporary, bridging the age gap for a young family recently transplanted from South Africa. As they travel extensively low maintenance was a top priority. Starting with the interior, a moderate remodel replaces flooring throughout, adds colour and updates furniture selections.  Followed with a total exterior remodel, new doors and windows add to the extensive hardscape design featuring a 8' sheer waterfall feature in their double-terraced back garden a full modern kitchen with stainless steel detailing, several lounge areas, 2 dining areas complete with a vegetable garden. A children's fort and basketball complete the design which features a low water xtericape landscape to complete the transformation.  Interior Design, Exterior Hardscape & Landscape Design.





I N T E R I O R   &   E X T E R I O R


  D E S I G N

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